Mont Blanc Marathon

When the winter season comes to a close, the build up for the Mont Blanc Marathon is in full flow – now is the time to start planing your training if you want to be part of this fantastic challenge in June 2014- entries are now open!

Training for The Mont Blanc mountain marathon should not be taken lightly! It’s a normal marathon in length (42 kilometres and 195 metres), however, there are over 2500m of vertical ascent, and over 1500m of decent. In terms of hills in the UK, that’s the equivalent of running up Ben Nevis twice, and down Scafell Pike twice, and then the matter of the marathon distance as well. This fantastic event attracts runners from all over the world, over 1500 people start each year.


Staying fit and focused is more important than ever in your preparation for this the Mont Blanc Marathon. Here are a few things to think about as you ramp up the mileage…

1.       Your training should include sprint sessions, hill work, and off course the long runs – though training too hard can leave you constantly tired and susceptible to illness, so don’t feel guilty about taking a couple of days off to recharge your batteries if you need to.

2.       Don’t ignore any new aches or pains. Dealing with niggles immediately is the best way to prevent a longer lay-off later.

3.       Consider upping your intake of dairy products – they’re a fantastic source of carbohydrate, protein and bone-building calcium.

4.       Stay motivated by trying out new routes, meeting up with friends or varying the time of day you train.

5.       Don’t try to make up for lost time if you find you’ve fallen behind schedule – you’ll only heighten your risk of injury.

6.       Give your immune system a boost by incorporating foods that are rich in antioxidants into your diet.

7.       Don’t panic if a build-up event doesn’t quite go to plan. Use the experience to fine-tune your marathon strategy instead.

8.       Keep hydrated

9.       If you have the opportunity include Altitude training in your schedule 

10.   Ensure your footwear is correctly supporting your feet and your trainers are not too worn.

11.   Include trail running in your preparation as the ground underfoot can be very uneven, loose scree and slippery in sections.

This is where Ski Weekend can help. Especially with Point 9.

Why not come out for a short break in the Spring and ski a little, and train a little. Get used to some altitude and put together an itinerary that will help you in June.

April prices start from £399 pp for a 3 night catered break in their flagship chalet


Use the chalet as a base for the event itself. Self catered rates are possible over the summer for any duration and any number of guests. Just give us a call on 01392 878353.

Good training

Jane Newman
Clinical Director
Peak Physio