Gentle Day in the Hills


Chamonix, a mountain town of superlatives and increasingly renowned for endurance competition is set to host a new breed of triathlon event. Introducing the Evergreen 228, the worlds toughest, most beautiful and most environmentally responsible Iron-distance triathlon of the international calendar.  Spearheaded by three experienced and passionate endurance athletes, Carlton Rowlands, Bruno Lebeda both residents of the Valley with Olivier Baillet, the plan is to stage the inaugural trial event in June 2015.

evergreen228-logoThe event, given permission by the communauté de communes presents a unique showcasing of pristine lakes, dizzying road switch-backs and verdant trails, on which athletes must swim, bike and run there way through 228km including a total height gain of around 7500m! Truly deserved of the ‘hardest’ title, eclipsing the stats of similar extreme triathlons, the event combines ever popular Iron distance triathlon with the natural beauty of trail running. A strict qualification process will indeed be established to vet those athletes up to the task. Nonetheless, co-occupying the course with the full distance athletes will be those opting to race the beautiful Evergreen route as part of a 3 or 6 man relay team or corporate team for those moderately less ferrous!

‘Yet another Chamonix based foray for the endurance nutter,’ I hear you say. But wait, there is reater depth beyond what is on the surface destined to be a classic test piece for elite athletes. ! ! Indeed through the combined initiatives of the council and the race organisers the plan is to stage an international race as close to carbonate neutral as possible. Ever a hot topic in such a stunning location, the Evergreen 228 team will coordinate efforts with a specialist in ‘Green auditing’ to deliver transparent display of eco-friendly standards. The team plans to utilise; alternative energy sources, paperless race administration, as well as source local products for the aid stations and organic materials for promotional items. Even the soon to be coveted trophies will be made from sustainable, local materials. Also including online goodie-bags and a fundraising program by which athletes off-set the cost of their personal entry fee means ecological responsibility never before shown in such an event.

Deep inside the secret Evergreen HQ, Chamonix’s autumnal tranquility, has been replaced by energy akin to the race itself. Waiting on final title sponsor confirmation, all the components and the team are shaping up nicely. We relish the challenge of delivering the atmosphere and emotions of endurance competitions gone before whilst boldly protecting the beautiful environment we all call home.

We would love to hear your thoughts, please direct any questions to: Carlton Rowlands: