See Yourself

Roddy Willis is a Verbier based ski instructor and holds the Swiss Patente he is also a qualified Sports Mental Performance Coach

See Yourself and Go-Pro

In my previous article (Metal Edges or Mental Edge) I wrote about Positive-self-talk. If you’ve got your Positive-self-talk dialled in – then it is time to ‘Go-Pro’ with some visualisation. Maybe, you already know that many top skiers use visualisation techniques to improve their performance.

But what is it they are actually doing? They are mentally enacting their desired performance, in very close detail, everything that they will see, feel and hear, as if they are actually skiing. And at a neurological level they are actually skiing. The brain is triggering micro muscle pattern stimuli which are the same muscle patterns as actual skiing.

Can visualisation help you with your skiing? Yes:  It is really about your point-of-view and how you visualise yourself skiing. The key is to visualise yourself actually doing the task and not seeing yourself from a distance.

Think of something you do every day – have you got something? How about ‘peeling potatoes’? Now make a mental image in your head of ‘peeling potatoes’. You need to be looking through your own eyes seeing the potatoes in your hands, feeling the potatoes in your hands and hearing the potatoes being peeled and using all the senses associated with ‘peeling potatoes’.

Being able to use all these ‘associated’ images and senses will help you to start improving your skiing through visualisation. The image on your internal video screen should be like ‘peeling potatoes’ – imagining a great run through your own senses, so that you are seeing through your eyes, feeling through your body and hearing everything that is associated with that great run.

So next time you clip into your skis, spend a few moments before you start to ski, visualising the perfect run.

If you really want ramp up your technique, then let your visualisation Go-Pro with the help of Felix from Powder Extreme. Checkout his move at 57 seconds, let your senses work out what is happening, you’ll get a good mental image of how to do this move…

Roddy is a Verbier based ski instructor and sports performance coach.
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