d’Ispere – New Thriller Reveals The Dark Heart of a Mountain Paradise



Novel set in French ski resort to become this year’s snow-on-the-ground hit.

There’s much written about the sports of skiing and snowboarding and the delights that come with holidaying in the mountains during winter – but a brand new novel has set out to entertain anyone thinking about heading out to the snow this winter, or perhaps just anyone that enjoys a good thriller……

It’s easy to fall in love with life in the mountains, but teacher turned adventurer Benedict Beaumont’s new novel d’Ispere shows what can happen when people fall under the spell of the snow.

The book is written from the point of view of James, a young ski guide recently arrived in Val d’Isère in the French Alps. It follows his adventures on the slopes and in the bars of the ultra-fashionable French resort. James’s hedonistic attitude leads him into an ever increasing spiral of alcohol, sex and dangerous skiing with deadly consequences. Accused of rape and murder, he must first lose his innocence to prove it.

Benedict says:

I wanted to write a novel that explores the darker side of ski seasons. Everybody thinks that the mountains are a magical Shangri-La but they send people mad. There is a constant temptation to drink too much, to party too hard and to push yourself on the slopes. It can be a dangerous place.

d’Ispere is now ready to download on Amazon and will be available in-print from October 6th, 2014 at £8.10 for the printed version and £4.00 for the Kindle version. It is already garnering rave reviews. Described as a cross between ‘The Beach’ and ‘Point Break’ on snow, it is set to become this year’s ‘snow-on-the-ground’ hit.