Midweek Ski Breaks

We are offering a complete departure from our normal formula. Over the last few years, midweek skiing has become more and more popular. Although we can claim to have introduced the concept to the Brits, we can’t claim full responsibility for the explosion in demand across the Alps.

For advice and a tailor-made midweek ski break designed around you, speak to the experts today.

Ski Weekend Courses


Airlines, hoteliers, resorts, ski schools and hire shops are finding that they are all very busy over the weekends and have real dips in demand through the middle of the week.

The French, Italians and Germans are just not taking the Saturday-to-Saturday holidays that they used to. As a result, there are great midweek deals and a variety of choice in flights and hotels that we can only dream of at weekends.

Ski Midweek
Ski Weekend Courses


If you depart on Sunday or Monday and return on Thursday you really are able to optimise your time away. We aim to capitalise on that availability and offer you skiing like it used to be. Not only are the prime time flights and first choice hotels more readily available but also the slopes are quiet with rarely a queue to be seen. The whole atmosphere is much more relaxed.

Ski Weekend Courses


Ski Weekend Courses


Your midweek ski break is tailor-made to you and the variables are just too great to make a price list. We produce rough guide prices for our specialist courses and tours, but for each and every request we will quote you a firm price, based on your requirements.

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The critical factor in every short break is the travel, get the arrangements right and you'll enjoy yourself, get them wrong and your weekend is spoilt. Leave it to the experts.

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