Ski Weekends

At Ski Weekend we've always believed a weekend skiing is the most exhilarating short break in the world, providing you get the details right. That means getting the travel and accommodation right so that you get onto the best slopes as quickly as possible. And that's what we set out to achieve for every client, every time.

For advice and a tailor-made ski weekend designed around you, speak to the experts today.




Ski Weekend Courses
Ski Weekend Courses


We have built Ski Weekend around our engagement on a personal level. Sure, you can click several buttons on any anonymous online booking system and reach a price and package and the machinery of the internet will hopefully take care of everything else but we’d like it if you could take the time to chat. 

In our office we have staff who have a thorough knowledge of the resorts and hotels from first-hand experience and who are really keen to share that knowledge with you.


Your ski weekend is tailor-made to you and the variables are just too great to make a price list. We produce rough guide prices for our specialist courses and tours, but for each and every request we will quote you a firm price, based on your requirements.


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