The 200th Anniversary of the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix

This summer Chamonix will celebrate the 200th anniversary of the world’s oldest guiding association – the Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix.

This special occasion will be marked by a number of events taking place throughout the summer.


May: The World’s Longest Rope Chain

From 22-24 May, two hundred climbers will rope together at over 3000m across the glacier between the Aiguille du Midi and Point Helbronner.

Visitors to the town will be able to watch the action live on giant screens in the resort.


“An opportunity to celebrate our profession”

“This remarkable anniversary gives us an opportunity to celebrate our profession: the partnerships, the physical and moral values, the freedom of the mountains, passing of knowledge and raising awareness about our fragile ecosystem.”

Oliver GREBER, President, Compagnie des Guides de Chamonix


June: An Anniversary Book

A new book covering the 200 years of history of the Compagnie des Guides will be published to celebrate the occasion.

The book will tell stories of the guides, of friendships and encounters from the end of the 18th century to today.

Over the years, Chamonix guides have led fellow explorers, adventurers, artists, scientists, politicians and even the clergy.

The co-authors of the book are Joëlle Dartigue-Paccalet, former communications manager at the Chamonix mairie, and David Ravanel, a former president of the Compagnie des Guides, professor at ENSA (National School of Skiing & Alpinism) and head of the Chamonix mountain rescue association.


Free Guide to Climate Change

Brad Carlson - a guide, ecologist and researcher at CREA - and Ludovic Ravanel – a geomorphologist and Chamonix mountain guide) have combined with the SNGM (National Union of Mountain Guides) to produce a free guide to climate change in the Alps.

Ten thousand copies will be available and a schedule of free talks about the effects and impact of climate change will be hosted in mountain huts around the Chamonix valley.


Mountain Guides Festival - 09-15 August 2021

The annual Guides’ festival celebrating the 200th anniversary will take place from 09 to 15 August in 2021.

It will include an anniversary film, highlighting the very special guide-client relationship, with many other special events going on during the week.


From Mont Blanc to the Eiffel Tower – 30 August to 05 September

To close the celebrations of the 200th anniversary, four members of the Compagnie des Guides will climb Mont Blanc, before cycling to Paris and then climbing the Eiffel Tower.

This symbolic journey will be used to highlight the impact of global warming in the mountains, from the capital of mountaineering to the French capital itself.


More info

You can find out more about all the official celebrations for the 200th anniversary on the Chamonix Guides website and the History of Compagnie des Guides on Instagram

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