The QC Terme Chamonix: The Ultimate Guide

From the outdoor infinity pool, with views directly towards the Aiguilles peaks and Mont-Blanc itself, the QC Terme Chamonix may be the most scenic spa in the Alps. In this ultimate guide we cover all the key questions you may have.

The QC Terme Chamonix

In December 2018, the QC Terme Chamonix opened. This luxury spa comes from the QC Terme group – one of the biggest players in Europe’s thermal and wellness sector.

QC Terme Chamonix is the group’s ninth Spa, and their first outside of Italy. Totalling 3000 square metres, the design, facilities and quality make this superb venue a wonderful addition to Chamonix.

In this guide we cover these key questions:

  • Where is the QC Terme Chamonix?
  • What does the QC Terme offer?
  • What temperature is the water?
  • Is there a sauna at QC Terme Chamonix?
  • What massage options are there?
  • When did the QC Terme Chamonix open?
  • The art of QC Terme Chamonix
  • What is the Aperiterme?
  • When should I go to the QC Terme?
  • What do people say about QC Terme Chamonix?
  • How much does QC Terme Chamonix cost?



Where is the QC Terme Chamonix? 

You can find the QC Terme next to the existing sports complex and tennis club [Google Maps link]


What does the QC Terme offer?  

Visitors can enjoy a multi-sensory journey with over 30 wellness practices.

As well as a wide choice of massage options (see below), there are whirlpools, waterfalls, hydrojets and a spectacular infinity pool.

The ski-adorned sauna is complemented by a hammam steam room. There are also options to try the Japanese bath and a Kniepp path (alternate hot and cold baths where feet and ankles are massaged by small jets of water).



What temperature is the water?

The water at QC Terme Chamonix is heated to 34-36˚C



Is there a sauna at QC Terme Chamonix?

Yes. A visit to the QC Terme Chamonix sauna is a great way to purify your body. It’s a great way to eliminate toxins from the body and reduce water retention. The increase in body temperature also has beneficial effects on the muscles, which relax and give you a pleasant feeling of well-being.

A new sauna named after the British explorer and mountaineer Albert Smith was opened in 2019.



What massage options are there?

QC Terme’s attention to detail means you can create your own bespoke massage, depending on whether you’re looking for a facial, back, neck or foot massage. Each massage costs EUR44 for 25 minutes and can be booked online.

A longer traditional massage or anti-stress massage or costs EUR78 for 50 minutes. Other treatments include toning massages, sports massage and deluxe longer massages lasting 75 minutes.


When did the QC Terme Chamonix open?

The QC Terme Chamonix opened in December 2018. Construction started more than a year beforehand. You can see from the video below some of the craftsmanship that went into the design of this striking building.

The art of QC Terme Chamonix

Visitors to QC Terme Chamonix will almost certainly notice the peaceful watercolour on linen painting on display.  The title is ‘Mont Blanc seen from Chamonix’ and was created by Paolo Galetto, an artist and illustrator.

What is the Aperiterme?

Every day from 6pm to 8pm, visitors can enjoy an exclusive aperitif courtesy of QC Terme Chamonix.

It’s a great opportunity to combine flavor and relaxation, while enjoying delicious dishes – all while in your dressing gown – and it’s free, included in your admission price.

When is the best time to go to the QC Terme?

QC Terme Chamonix is a wonderful place to visit at any time of day, but we love the ‘blue hour’ – that magical moment of the day when the light leaves and darkness arrives.

What do people say about QC Terme Chamonix?

“Spa is amazing, variety, nice, good meditation, real relaxing. Reasonable price, all services including foods & drink. I really recommended to visit a great place for relaxing!” Tump Kongmuang 
“Beau complexe avec beaucoup d'activités relaxantes au programme. Vue exceptionnelle” Marlene Olland

“100% recommend to anyone who appreciates the most amazing back drop of the French Alps and also a super relaxing day” Gemma McLeish


How much does QC Terme Chamonix cost?

The QC Terme Chamonix is open daily from 10am to 10pm and to 11pm at weekends. Admission costs EUR44 for a day pass or EUR88 including a massage.  

If you'd like to visit QC Terme Chamonix during your stay, then please just ask the Ski Weekend team and we can help book this for you. To arrange accommodation in Chamonix for a weekend or longer trip, just contact us and we'd be delighted to help.