Charamillon gondola in Chamonix to be upgraded (July 2022 update)

The new Charamillon gondola in the Le Tour area of Chamonix will open in December 2022.

Worked started in spring 2021, paused during the winter season of 2021/22, and then restarted in May 2022. This summer hiking is not allowed in the area marked below to ensure the area is safe for work to continue.


Foundations laid in 2021

The first stage saw snow removal by snow groomers (‘piste bashers’ to most Brits), before the massive earthwork removal operation began.

The access road and the foundations of the top station were the first focus. This new station is 110m higher than the previous one and will be served by a lift with only ten instead of 12 pylons.

In summer 2022 the base station will be built. You can see a visualisation of this in the images below.

charamillon new lift


New Charamillon lift will open December 2022

The new gondola will start operating for winter 2022-2023, with an official opening in December 2022.

The lift will double capacity from 1000-1100 skiers per hour to 2000-2200 skiers per hour travelling at 6 m/s in 39 ten-seater cabins.

Connoisseurs of gondolas may enjoy this video of the old lift

Charamillon vintage photo


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